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Domaines Ott

Domaines Ott* Feature Writer

For one-off  feature articles in newspapers, magazines and specialist wine media in the national and international press. The winning candidate will demonstrate their excellence of style, understanding of the topic and ability to clearly convey their learnings to the reader in an extended piece.

Where possible please submit entries in PDF format

Rules of Entry

  • Entries must have been used for editorial or commercial purposes in a recognised publication or website between 4th April 2019 – 3rd April 2020.
  • We can only accept submissions originally published in English.  Only submissions in English will be accepted.
  • Please submit a minimum of two (2) and a maximum of three (3) entries using the digital entry process below. You may submit entries from different publications.
  • Entries will be scored out of ten for content and style.
  • Feature writer

    Winner 2019

    Esther Mobley

  • Feature writer

    Winner 2018

    Simon Woolf

  • Feature writer

    Winner 2017

    Jon Bonné

  • Feature writer

    Winner 2016

    Jane Anson

  • Feature writer

    WINNER 2015

    Tim Atkin MW

  • Feature writer

    Winner 2014:
    Richard Mayson / Articles from Fine Wine Magazine