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Ramos Pinto

About the Sponsor

Ramos Pinto, Port and Douro Wine is very pleased to be one of the Louis Roederer Wine Writers’ Awards sponsors. Over the last couple of years, this award has been gathering the attention of a wider spread audience. Keeping pace with world trends, it has been considering more and more all kinds of wine features, from all over the world. Ramos Pinto has been sponsoring in particular the Online Communicator of the Year which is, nowadays, one of the most avant garde ways to communicate. For this, we are very happy to associate our name to the Awards and what they stand for and for years to come. Cheers!

Ramos Pinto Online Communicator

For regular wine columns/blogs/vlogs appearing online. These articles can only appear online. All those that are reproductions of print pieces will be excluded from the judging.

Rules of Entry

  • Entries must have been used for editorial or commercial purposes in a recognised publication or website between 4th April 2019 – 3rd April 2020.
  • We can only accept submissions originally published in English.  Only submissions in English will be accepted.
  • Please submit a minimum of two (2) and a maximum of three (3) entries using the digital entry process below.
  • In the case of on-line articles please provide links to the relevant content. If the content is no longer live then PDF copies may be uploaded together with contact details of the publisher and date of publication should we need to contact them.
  • In the case of blogs please provide the blog URL and links to archive content where possible.
  • If the sites are in any way password protected please provide full instructions and passwords. Failure to provide these may result in disqualification.
  • Entries will be scored out of ten for content and ten for style.
  • Online Communicator

    Winner 2019

    Kelli White

  • Online Communicator

    Winner 2018:

    Tim Atkin MW

  • Online Communicator

    Winner 2017

    Richard Hemming MW

  • Online Communicator

    Winner 2016

    Ronald Washam

  • Online Communicator

    WINNER 2015

    Victoria Moore

  • Online Communicator

    Winner 2014:
    Tim Atkin/ Articles from timatkin.com

  • Online Communicator